(from Directory of Cambodian Sankrit Names for Your Newborn - contents and materials of which have been republished on our website with the author's permission)
  In loving memory of:
My parents: Sok Ros and Lovorn Ven Ros
who always wanted the best for us...
My little nephews: Phirum, Barong, Varin
My brother-in-law: Vantha
who perished during the Pol Pot regime...
To my three daughters, Nina Kannitha, Michelle Aruni, Viviana Kusuma, for their love and strength,
To my teacher, the Ambassador, His Excellency Mealy Truong, for his encouragement and motivation,
To my true hero of the hungry and homeless Cambodian war orphans, Phra Viniyatharo Maha Yin Noeun, for his inspiration and compassion.