Yashodhara (f) pali she who maintains authority, honor, title, glory
Yudhi (m) pali battle, war, struggle, fight
  • Yudhipool (m) pali, khmer yudhi + pool (power) : power of the armed forces
  • Yudhirong (m) pali yudhi + rong (field) : war zone, field of battle
  • Yudhin (m) pali one who fights
Yukanthor (m) pali mountain in the Veda texts that holds the sun on one end and the moon on the other; a rod that balances two weights at either end, such as with the scales of justice; a partriotic Khmer prince, Norodom Arun Yukanthor (1860-1934), who struggled against French colonial rule over Cambodia
Yutti (m) pali fair, just, right, ethical, honest, truthful
  • Yuttika (u) pali fair and just action, fairness and justice, righteousness and honesty
  • Yuttamani (f) pali, sanskrit yutti + muni (sage) : sage who is fair and just, sage who observes truthfulness and honesty; (note: the spelling changes slightly for conducive sound effect)
  • Yuttivong (m) pali, khmer yutti + vong (family line) : family renown for being fair and just, family that holds truth and honesty
Yuvan (m) sanskrit young man
  • Yuvabott (m) sanskrit, khmer yuvan + bott (son) : young male child
  • Yuvakumar (m) sanskrit yuvan + kumar (boy) : young boy
  • Yuvaneath (u) sanskrit, pali yuvan + neatha (leader) : young lord, young master, young ruler, young leader
  • Yuvapool (m) sanskrit, khmer yuvan + pool (strength) : physical strength of youth, power and vitality of youth
  • Yuvaraja (m) sanskrit yuvan + raja (king) : young king
Yuvati (f) sanskrit young lady
  • Yuvakumari (f) sanskrit yuvan + kumari (girl) : young girl
  • Yuvaneari (f) sanskrit, khmer yuvan + neari (woman) : young woman
  • Yuvarani (f) sanskrit yuvan + rani (queen) : young queen

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