Vaddi (f) pali abode, place, habitat, territory, domain
Vadhana (u) pali progress, growth, expansion, evolution, progression
  • Vadhanak (m) khmer variation of Vadhana
Vajira (u) pali adamant, unyielding, indestructible, enduring, steady, lasting
Vanna (f) pali appearance, complexion, coloration, pigmentation
  • Vannara (f) khmer variation of Vanna
  • Vannary (f) khmer variation of Vanna
Vannavant (u) pali one with beautiful complexion
Vara (f) pali wish, favor, good graces, privileges, advantages
  • Varasidh (u) pali, khmer vara + prasidhi (blessed) : blessed with good graces, anointed with privileges
Vari (u) pali water, aqua, dew
  • Varin (u) khmer variation of Vari
Varman (m) sanskrit suit of armor, protection, protector; usually used as a suffix to the name of pre- and Angkor era Khmer God-Kings
Vassana (u) pali raining, sprinkling, dripping, shedding water
Vattana (u)
Vattany (f)
pali alternative transliteration of Vadhana
Veramani (u) pali virtuous thoughts, high-valued principles, precious knowledge
Vibol (u) khmer immense, enormous, prodigious, vast, unlimited, infinite
  • Vibolchakra (m) khmer, sanskrit vibol + chakra (wheel of samsara, cosmos) : infinite wheel of samsara, vast cosmos; title usually given to the Minister of Defense
  • Vibolpanna (m) khmer vibol + panna (wisdom) : highly intelligent, supreme wisdom
  • Vibolphalla (u) khmer vibol + phalla (result, achievement) : prodigious results, infinite achievement, unlimited accomplishments
  • Vibolraja (m) khmer, sanskrit vibol + raja (kingship) : great king, prodigious sovereignty
  • Vibolsenna (m) khmer vibol + senna (guardian, attendant) : omnipotent guardian, unrivaled knight, prodigious protector; another title usually given to the Minister of Defense or Minister of Internal Affairs
Vichay (f) khmer reasoning, logic, rationalization
Vichet (u)
Vichetra (u)
khmer multi-colored, colorful, uniquely beautiful, distinctively attractive
Vichika (u) khmer month of November
Vichini (f) pali royal fan, the person who fans the king
Vidita (u) pali known, discovered, ascertained
Vidya (u) pali knowledge, wisdom, education, attainment
Vijara (u) pali ageless, forever young
Vijaya (m) pali conquering, masterful, triumphant
Vimala (f) pali immaculate, spotless, refined, pure, pristine, flawless
  • Vimol (f) khmer variation of Vimala
Vimana (f) pali palace, mansion, chateau
Vimutta (f) pali liberated, freed, freely, independently
Vinita (f) pali educated, learned, scholarly
Vira (u) pali strength, virility, vigor, might, power, courage, bravery, fearlessness, heroism
  • Virabot (m) pali, khmer vira + bot (son) : fearless son, brave son, heroic son
  • Virachenda (f) pali, khmer vira + chenda (heart and mind) : heroic mind, heroic heart, heroic intention
  • Viradeth (u) khmer variation of Vira, 'deth' being a unisex suffix added to names to produce a conducive sound effect
  • Viraketh (u) khmer variation of Vira, 'keth' being a unisex suffix added to names to produce a conducive sound effect
  • Viraneari (f) pali, khmer vira + neari (young lady) : fearless girl, brave girl, heroic young lady
  • Virasujata (f) pali, sanskrit vira + sujata (noble birth) : strong one who is of noble birth
  • Viravong (m) pali, khmer vira + vong (family line) : family line of heroes, family of power and courage
  • Virak (m) khmer variation of Vira
  • Viralay (f) pali, sanskrit vira + alaya (abode) : abode of the brave, home of heroes
Viruni (f) khmer water goddess, sea goddess, rain goddess
Virya (f)
Viryavant (u)
pali energy, vigor, strength, vivacity
Visakha (f) khmer month of June
Visal (u) khmer spacious, ample, extensive, immense, vast
Viseth (m) khmer outstanding, sensational, great, extraordinary
Visitha (u) pali prominent, superior, exceptional, unparalleled, supreme
Visuddhi (u) pali brightness, purity, virtue, morality
Vitharo (m) pali expansion, extension, enhancement
Vivatta (m) pali evolution, development, growth
Viveka (f) pali astuteness, wisdom, intuition
Volarks (f)
Volarksi (f)
khmer virtuous characteristics, goodness, righteousness, virtues
Vong (m)
Vongsa (m)
khmer dynasty, family line, ancestry, lineage, heritage
Vora (m) pali excellent, great, outstanding, eminent, most acclaimed
  • Vorachun (m) pali, khmer vora + chun (person) : outstanding citizen, excellent person, person of high esteem
  • Vorakun (m) pali, khmer vora + kun (deed) : excellent deed, excellent feat
  • Voraneath (f) pali vora + neatha (leader) : highly esteemed ruler, excellent leader, outstanding leadership
Vuthy (m) khmer progress, growth, expansion, development, maturation, advancement
  • Chakravuth (m) sanskrit, khmer chakra (cosmos) + vuth : cosmic growth, cosmic expansion, cosmic development
  • Daravuth (m) khmer dara (star) + vuth : star power, star growth, star development
  • Issaravuth (m) pali, khmer issara (lord, leader) + vuth : leadership of progress and growth, ruler who leads to achieve progress and growth
  • Kunnavuth (m) khmer kunn (deeds) + vuth : deeds or actions that promote growth and expansion
  • Pannavuth (m) khmer panna (wisdom) + vuth : expansion of wisdom, development of wisdom, intelligence that leads to growth and progress
  • Saravuth (m) sanskrit, khmer sara (essence) + vuth : essence of growth and progress, development of essence, core elements that lead to growth and progress
  • Sirivuth (m) khmer siri (bliss) + vuth : development of bliss, progression toward serenity, growth and fulfillment
  • Viravuth (m) pali, khmer vira (virility) + vuth : development of power and strength, growth of virility and vigor

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