Udara (m) sanskrit great, exalted, illustrious, prominent
Uddesa (f) pali indication, signification, connotation, implication
Udom (m) khmer best, highest, greatest, most celebrated, most outstanding
Ulara (f) pali noble, eminent, great, grandiose
Uma (f) sanskrit luminous, radiant, lustrous, dazzling, sparkling, sharp-witted, penetrating, profound
  • Umadevi (f) sanskrit uma + devi (goddess) : radiant goddess luminous goddess, lustrous goddess
  • Umarangsi (f) sanskrit, khmer uma + rangsi (radiant) : luminous and profound, radiant and sharp-witted, dazzling and bright
  • Umavaddi (f) sanskrit, pali uma + vaddi (abode) : beholder of radiance, place where everything shines, keeper of luminosity
Unna (f) pali overflowing of joy
Upanita (f) pali offered, introduced, presented, proposed, submitted
Uparaja (m) pali second in rank to the crowned king, second in affairs of state, viceroy
Upavana (u) pali nearby forest
Ura (u) pali chest
Uttama (u) sanskrit highest, excellent, greatest, most acclaimed
Uttara (u)
Uttarac (u)
Uttari (u)
Uttaro (u)
khmer more extreme, more prominent, more exalted, higher; northern direction

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