Tara (u) sanskrit, khmer star, a heavenly body
  • Taravaddi (u) sanskrit, pali tara + vaddi (abode) : abode of the stars, the heavens, a galaxy
  • Tarendra (f) sanskrit tara + indra (chief) : ruler of the heavens, the moon goddess
Tarini (f) sanskrit the saving goddess; name of the goddess devoted to saving the world from calamities
Tep (u) khmer divine, heavenly, sacred, holy, celestial, godly
  • Tep Apsar (f) khmer tep + apsara (celestial dancer) : heaven's celestial dancer
  • Tep Kanya (f) khmer tep + kanya (young woman) : young goddess
  • Tep Neary (f) khmer tep + neary (young woman) : young goddess
  • Tep Nikar (f) khmer tep + nikar (all, every) : all the gods in heaven, every angel in heaven
  • Tep Nimith (u) khmer tep + nimith (manifestation) : manifestation of the gods, god's work
  • Tep Pranom (m) khmer tep + pranom (reverence) : image of a celestial being with open palms pressed together in demonstration of respect
  • Tep Prasithi (u) khmer tep + prasithi (blessed or anointed) : blessed by a god, anointed by an angel, glorified by the heavens
  • Tep Thida (f) khmer tep + thida (daughter) : angelic daughter , heaven's celestial daughters
Tepi (f) khmer royal wife, queen
Tevi (f) khmer royal wife, queen
Thamapool (m) khmer physical and mental strength, endurable strength, most powerful strength
Thamarong (m) khmer renown strength, prominent power, noted courage, acclaimed resiliency
Thamavann (u) khmer one who has power and strength
Thapana (m) pali setting up, founding, giving rise to, create, develop
Thavika (u) khmer budget, estimate, plan, ration, portion, reserve, resource
  • Thavy (f) khmer variation of Thavika
Thavorac pali firm, steady, constant, enduring, longstanding
  • Thaorath (u) khmer variation of Thavorac
  • Thavoreth (u) khmer variation of Thavorac
  • Thavory (f) khmer variation of Thavorac
Theary (u) khmer assistant, aide
Thida (f) khmer daughter, female child
Thira (u) pali permanent, everlasting, unceasing, continuing, sustained, never-ending
  • Thirapheap (m) pali, khmer thira + pheap (state, phase, condition) : permanence, constancy, everlastingness
  • Thirayu (u) pali, khmer thira + ayu (age) : long-lived, long-lasting, enduring
Thom (m) khmer big, large, eldest sibling
Tip (u) khmer magical, entrancing, mystic, bestowed upon by the gods
  • Tipbopha (f)
(also Tipbuppha)
khmer tip + bopha (flower) : magical flower, enchanting flower, spellbinding flower
  • Tipnetra (u) khmer tip + netra (eye) : god's vision, penetrating vision, divine eyesight
  • Tipparos (m) khmer tip + ros (flavor) : heavenly savor, heavenly taste, divine flavor
  • Tip Phala (f) khmer tip + phala (harvest) : heaven's harvest, god's bounty
Tiro (m) pali always, regularly, continually, incessantly, unfailingly
Tola (u) khmer month of October
Touch (u) khmer small, little one, youngest sibling
Tusita (f) pali heaven, paradise, domain of the gods

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