Sabbay (m) khmer happy, glad, delighted, joyful, pleased
Samaki (m) khmer solidarity, unity, togetherness
Sambath (m) khmer wealth, riches, fortune
Sambol (u) khmer complexion, tone, tint, appearance, pigmentation
Samchay (f) khmer preserve, withhold, lay aside, save for future use
Samnang (u) khmer good fortune, fortunate, lucky, blessed, blessed with luck
Samnith (m) khmer faithful, loyal, devoted, true-hearted
Samphoas (f) khmer beauty, charm, allure, grace, elegance
Samraj (m) khmer accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, realization of goals
Samudra (f) sanskrit ocean, sea
Sangvath (m) khmer persistence, tenacity, perseverance
Sangvavan (u) khmer one who wears a golden sash
Sara (f) sanskrit essence, inmost substance, central nature, vital element, core element
  • Saramunti (m) sanskrit, khmer sara + munti (place, storage) : place to store the most vital elements, storage place of crucial documents, an archive or museum
  • Sarapich (u) sanskrit, khmer sara + vichea (knowledge) : enlighted wisdom, enlightened one; a name for the Buddha signifying his enlightenment
  • Saravuth (m) sanskrit, khmer sara + vuth (power, strength) : essential power, inherently powerful, core strength
  • Sarayeth (f) khmer khmer variant of Sara ('yeth' is a female name suffix added simply for conducive sound effect)
Sarathi (m) pali leader, chief, pacesetter, trendsetter
Sarika (f) khmer name of a popular singing bird species found mostly in Cambodia
Sarin (u) khmer name of a province in southern Thailand once part of the Khmer Empire; ethnic Khmers in Thailand are called Khmer Sarin
Sarit (m) sanskrit river, waterway
Satya (f) sanskrit truthful, honest, candid, factual, credible, accurate, precise
  • Satyamuni (u) sanskrit satya + muni (sage) : truthful sage, honest sage, accurate scholar, credible scholar
  • Satyanari (f) sanskrit, khmer satya + nari (young lady) : truthful, candid, credible young lady
  • Satyendra (u) sanskrit satya + indra (god) : truthful and almighty
Savadda (f)
Savaddi (m)
khmer history, recapitulation, unfolding of events, narration, record, chronicle, chronology
Sav (u) khmer teenager, single young adult (usually used as a prefix)
  • Savaddey (f) khmer, pali sav + vaddi (keeper, place) : keeper of youth, beholder of strength and youth, place of youth
  • Savrath (u) khmer sav + rath (nation) : the nation's youth
  • Savry (f) khmer sav + ry (female name suffix) : female youth
  • Savuth (m) sanskrit sav + vuth (progress) : youthful progress, growth, development
Sayenna (f) khmer evening, before sundown, pre-dusk
Sayuth (f) khmer holiday, day off work; also name of a wild tropical climbing vine whose flowers generate strong fragrance only at night
Seda (f) khmer kind of fruit in Cambodia that has yellow skin and flesh when ripe
Seiha (u)
(also Seyha)
khmer month of August
Serita (f) pali independence, freedom, liberty, autonomy, emancipation
Sethi (u) khmer accomplishment, fulfillment, final result, final realization, achievement
  • Sethichey (m) khmer sethi + chey (victory) : final victory
  • Sethika (m) khmer sethi + ka (process or processor) : one who accomplishes, process or manner of accomplishment
  • Sethikoon (m) khmer sethi + koon (causation, origin, mover) : grounds or causes that make the accomplishment possible; causation that produces the realization
  • Sethipool (m) khmer sethi + pool (strength) : strength of the accomplishment
  • Sethisak (m) khmer sethi + sak (power) : power of the accomplishment
Siddha (u) sanskrit accomplished, fulfilled, achieved, perfected
Siddhi (u) sanskrit accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, perfection
Siha (m) khmer lion, lion-hearted, valiant, courageous
  • Sihamuni (m) khmer, sanskrit siha + muni (sage) : brave sage, valiant sage, lion-hearted sage; King Sihamuni, King Sihanouk's son
  • Sihaneath (u) khmer siha + neath (voice, utterance) : lion's roar, powerful speech, royal voice
  • Sihanouk (m) khmer, sanskrit siha + manu (father of the human race) : lion-hearted father of the human race; Norodom Sihanouk reigned as King of Cambodia from 194155 and 19932004
  • Sihasana (m) khmer siha + asana (ashram, retreat) : haven or abode of one as powerful as a lion, kingly residence, throne
Sinith (m) khmer intimate, dear, inseparable
Siri (u) sanskrit honorable, noble, highly acclaimed, highly regarded, eminently respected; also used as an honorific prefix to the names of gods and saints meaning 'most revered, most divine'
  • Sridevi (f) sanskrit sri + devi (goddess) : most revered, highly regarded goddess
  • Siriphal (m) sanskrit, khmer siri + phal (harvest, productive) : noble effect, acclaimed work-product, highly regarded result
  • Sriratana (f) sanskrit sri + ratana (jewel) : highly acclaimed jewel, highly regarded gem
  • Sirirath (m) sanskrit, khmer siri + rath (nation) : highly acclaimed nation, prestigious nation
  • Sirisophana (f) sanskrit, khmer siri + sophana (charm) : noble charm, divine grace, highly acclaimed beauty
  • Sisowath (m) sanskrit, khmer siri + sowathi (peaceful accomplishment) : free of disturbances, with revered harmony, with blessed accorded; King Sisowath ruled Cambodia from 1904 until his death in 1927 (one of the two main branches of the modern-day Cambodian royal family - the other branch consisting of descendents of his brother Norodom)
  • Sri Suryavarmanadeva (m) sanskrit, khmer sri + surya (sun) + varman (armor) + deva (god) : revered and armor-clad sun-god; name bestowed upon King Suryavarman I of the Khmer Empire (1010AD)
  • Sri Umadevi (f) sanskrit sri + uma (radiant) + devi (goddess) : revered and radiant goddess
  • Sri Umavaddey (f) sanskrit, pali sri + uma (radiant) + vaddi (holder) : she who is revered and radiant, one who holds high honor and dazzling beauty
  • Sirivadhana (f) sanskrit, pali siri + vadhana (progress) : most divine progress, highly acclaimed progress, noble progress; also may be spelled Sirivattana
  • Sirivuth (m) sanskrit, khmer siri + avuth (power, weapon) : highly acclaimed strength, revered power, divine force; Prince Sirivuth, King Sihanouk's step-brother
Soben (u) khmer dream, mirage, visualization, imagination
Socheatha (u) khmer great birth, noble birth, excellent birth
Sokha (u) khmer gladness, delightfulness, happiness, joyfulness
Sokun (u) khmer fragrance, aroma, bouquet, sweet-smelling
  • Sokun Bopha (f) khmer sokun + bopha (flower) : flower fragrance, sweet-smelling flower
  • Sokunthea (f) khmer sokun + kunthea (fragrance) : fragrance, aroma, sweet-scented
  • sokunvary (f) khmer sokun + vary (water) : sweet-smelling water, bouquet-scented liquid, perfume
Soma (f) sanskrit nectar of immortality, ambrosia
  • Somalay (f) sanskrit soma + alaya (abode, source) : source of the nectar of immortality, abode of the gods
  • Somaly (f) khmer khmer variant of Somalay
  • Somanith (f) sanskrit, khmer soma + nitya (eternal) : timeless nectar of immortality, never-ending ambrosia
  • Somany (f) khmer khmer variant of Somanith
  • Somavaddi (f) sanskrit, pali soma + vaddi (place, abode) : source of the nectar of immortality, abode of the gods
Someth (m) pali one who is intelligent, one who is adept in the Dharma, one who is in control of unwholesome attachments
Sophalla (u) khmer good harvest, excellent yield, outstanding result/accomplishment
Sophy (f) khmer a kind of tropical rain forest tree that has little yellow flowers of beautiful fragrance and also oval fruit yellow in color
  • Sophini (f) khmer she whose fragrance is like that of the Sophy blossom
Sorikanth (m) khmer sun-gemstone, high-powered crystal ball
Sothea (u) pali heavenly food and drink, ambrosia, flower nectar
  • Sothearos (f) pali, khmer sothea + ros (flavor) : heavenly flavor, celestial savor, divine taste
Sothi (u) khmer intelligence, right understanding
Sovattha (m) pali harmoniously peaceful, with peaceful accord, peace and happiness
Subhadra (f) sanskrit greatly blessed, very auspicious, highly providential
Sujata (f) sanskrit well-born, noble birth, excellent birth; Princess Sujata, one of King Sihanouk's daughters
Suma (f) sanskrit flower, blossom
Sumanea (f) pali jasmine of multiple-layered pedals
Sumeru (m) sanskrit excellent Mount Meru, noble Mount Meru
Sumitra (f) sanskrit good friend, excellent friend
Sunara (m)
Sunari (f)
sanskrit good person, excellent person
Sundara (m)
Sundari (f)
sanskrit good-looking, beautiful, charming
Suntharac (m) khmer well-worth listening to, beautifully voiced or delivered
Suntharo (m)
Sunthary (f)
khmer one who is beautiful, one who is charming
Suparna (f) sanskrit one who possesses beautiful limbs (arms and legs); Khmer variants include Suparnara (f), Suparno (m), Suparnarith (m)
Supunya (u) sanskrit very virtuous, extremely righteous, most ethical, high-minded
Sura (m) sanskrit god
  • Suralay (f) sanskrit sura + alaya (abode) : abode of god, paradise, heaven
  • Suramani (u) sanskrit sura + mani (jewel) : jewels of god, god's riches
  • Suramarit (m) sanskrit sura + amrita (ambrosia) : god's ambrosia; King Suramarit, King Sihanouk's father
  • Suramuni (u) sanskrit sura + muni (sage) : divine sage, godly savant
  • Suranadi (u) sanskrit sura + nadi (river) : river of god, divine river
  • Suranari (f) sanskrit sura + nari (woman) : goddess
  • Surindra (u) sanskrit sura + indra (chief, ruler) : chief of the gods, god of gods
Surya (f) sanskrit sun, sun-god
  • Suryadeva (m) sanskrit surya + deva (god) : the god Surya
  • Surya Rangsi (f) sanskrit, khmer surya + rangsi (illumination) : radiance of the sun-god, illumination of the sun-god; Princess Surya Rangsi, King Sihanouk's daughter
  • Suryotey (m) sanskrit, khmer surya + ottey (elevation) : elevation of the sun-god, ascension of the sun-god; name of an ancient Khmer King
Suvanna (u) khmer having beautiful, golden complexion, having beautiful color or skin tone; variants include Suvannara (f), Suvannareth (u), Suvannarith (m), Suvannarong (u), SUvannary (f)

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