Radha (f) sanskrit fortunate, blessed, auspicious, favorable, opportune, successful
Rajana (f) pali coloring, painting, brightening, illuminating
Rajendra (u) sanskrit raja (king) + indra (lord) : king of kings, lord of all lords
Rajni (f) sanskrit radiant queen
Rama (m) sanskrit blissful, delightful
Ranariddh (m) khmer wartime energy, wartime power, wartime strength, victory in battle, the one who wins; Prince Ranariddh, one of King Sihanouk's sons
Rangsi (u) pali beam of light, ray of light, radiance
  • Buppha Rangsi (f) khmer, pali buppha (flower) + rangsi : splendid flower, gorgeous flower, dazzling flower
  • Surya Rangsi (f) khmer, pali surya (sun) + rangsi : radiant sun, glorious sun, splendid sun; Princess Surya Rangsi, one of King Sihanouk's daughters
  • Uma Rangsi (f) pali uma (luminous) + rangsi : luminous and radiant, one who is both bright with intelligence and radiant with beauty
Rani (f) sanskrit queen
Rasi (u) pali quantity, amount, extent, content, capacity, proportion
Rasmi (u)
(also Reaksmey)
sanskrit ray of light, radiance, glow, splendor, gleam
  • Rasmi Arun (f) sanskrit, khmer rasmi + arun (sun) : ray of sunshine, radiance of the dawn
  • Rasmi Chenda (f) sanskrit, khmer rasmi + chenda (mind, heart, soul) : inner glow, radiance eminating from one's inner self
  • Rasmi Kanitha (f) sanskrit rasmi + kanitha (sister) : radiant sister, highly favorable sister
  • Rasmi Sophana (f) sanskrit, khmer rasmi + sophana (loveliness) : radiant beauty, sparkling loveliness, glowing gracefulness
Ratana (u)
(also Rathanak)
pali gem, jewel, precious stone
  • Ratana Buppha (f) pali, khmer ratana + buppha (flower) : precious flower, gem-like flower
  • Ratana Devi (f) pali, sanskrit ratana + devi (goddess) : precious goddess
  • Ratana Sambat (u) pali, khmer ratana + sambath (wealth, riches) : wealth of gems and precious stones, one who is wealthy with jewels
  • Ratanavong (m) pali, khmer ratana + vong (family line) : rich family with many jewels, a very wealthy family line
  • Devi Ratana (f) sanskrit, pali devi (goddess) + ratana : goddess of gems and precious stones
  • Kiri Ratana (m) khmer, pali kiri (mountain) + ratana : mountain of gems and precious stones; ratanakiri is a province in northeastern Cambodia with mountain ranges renown for its precious gems
  • Sri Ratana (f) sanskrit, pali sri (divinely beautiful) + ratana : illustrious gem, divinely beautiful gem
Ratha (u) pali kingdom, country, nation
  • Rathaka (m) khmer beonging to the nation
  • Rathavant (m) pali possessing a kingdom, having a country
  • Rath Botum (f) khmer rath + botum (lotus) : the nation's lotus blossom
  • Rath Bopha (f) khmer rath + bopha (flower) : the nation's flower
  • Rath Chhavi (f) khmer, pali rath + chhavi (complexion) : one with the nation's most beautiful complexion
  • Rath Kanya (f) khmer, sanskrit rath + kanya (young lady) : the nation's young lady
  • Rath Kuma (m) khmer, sanskrit rath + kuma (young man) : the nation's young man
  • Rath Muni (u) khmer, sanskrit rath + muni (sage) : the nation's savant or philosopher
   + Rath pali Rath may be used as a suffix in combination with many independent names as well; for example, Botum Rath (f), Bopha Rath (f), Monirath (u), Munirath (u), Nearirath or Neary Rath (f), Vibol Rath (u); the list of possible combinations is limited only by your imagination
   * Rath pali The word "Rath" is a homonym which may be either a shortened form of "ratha" meaning "state, nation" or "ratana" meaning "precious stones, crystal, gems." Thus, for example, Rathneari may mean either "the nation's young lady" or "exquisite and delicate young woman" depending on which word "rath" implies.
Ravi (u) sanskrit one who absorbs, one who mesmerizes, one who occupies and utilizes
  • Ravivong (m) sanskrit, khmer ravi + vong (family line) : family that occupies and utilizes, governs and manages; Prince Ravivong, one of King Sihanouk's sons
Riddhi (m) sanskrit wealth, resources, prosperity, good fortune, power, strength
  • Rithi (m) khmer Khmer variant of Riddhi
  • Rithichey (m) khmer rithi + chey (victory) : powerful and victorious
  • Rithipol (m) khmer rithi + pol (people) : people power
  • Rithisen (m) khmer rithi + sen (very) : very powerful, full of power
  • Rithivong (m) khmer rithi + vong (family line) : powerful, influential family
  • Rithya (u) khmer variant of Rithi
  • Khemarith (m) khmer khema (khmer) + rith : powerful khmer, an influential Khmer person, Khmer power and influence
  • Ponharith (m) khmer ponha or panha (intelligence) + rith : intellectual power, possessing a wealth of intelligence
  • Ranariddh (m) khmer, sanskrit rana (wartime) + riddh : victory in battle, wartime strength
Rita (f) sanskrit truthful, righteous, honest, ethical
Rohini (f) sanskrit red, reddish, crimson
Romleuk (f) khmer remembrance, reminiscence, recollection, recalling, reflection

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