Pachapor (m) khmer five-colored; one whose complexion is multi-faceted
Pacharong (m) khmer crystal, high-quality porcelain
Parama (m) khmer supreme, highest, best, second-to-none
Pavana (u) sanskrit purifying, rectifying, beautifying, refining; name of the wind-god
Pavitra (f) sanskrit pure, immaculate, innocent, uncorrupted, chaste
Panha (u)
(also Panna)
pali/khmer [pronounced panña or pagn-nya] : wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, sagacity, comprehension, insight
  • Panharith (m) khmer panha + rith (power) : power of intellect, benefit of knowledge, ability of wisdom
  • Panhavant (u) pali virtuous, wise, intelligent, rational, reasonable, learned, profound, enlightened
  • Panha Vimutta (u) pali panha + vimutta (freed from) : the state of being freed from ignorance through reason and intellect
  • Panha Visuddhi (u) pali panha + visuddhi (purity) : purity of insight, perfection of wisdom, genuineness of knowledge, realism of intelligence
  • Panhavuth (m) khmer panha + vuthy (progress) : growth of intelligence, accumulation of knowledge, multiplication of insights; wisdom is strength and power
  • Sophal Panha (m) khmer sophal (benefit) + panha : benefits of knowledge, advantage of wisdom, usefulness of intelligence
  • Oddom Panha (m) khmer oddom (highest) + panha : high intelligence, excellent wisdom, genuine insight
Phalkun (u) khmer the month of March in the Cambodian lunar calendar
Phallik (f) khmer white glass, white crystal, white granite
Phoumara (m)
Phoumari (f)
khmer butterfly
Phoumi (f) khmer district; most local unit of Khmer governmental and civil structure
Phoumin (m) khmer one who rules, ruler, king
  • Phoumibol (m) khmer phoumi + vibol (progress) : the district's progress and strength
Phuong (u) khmer wreath, garland, lei; usually used as a suffix to add more weight to a name
  • Phuong Buppha (f) khmer phuong + buppha (flowers) : garland of flowers, flower wreath
  • Phuong Malisse (f) khmer phuong + malisse (jasmine) : jasmine wreath, wreath made of jasmine flowers
  • Phuong Mealea (f) khmer phuong + mealea (garland) : garland
  • Phuong Neari (f) khmer phuong + neari (young lady) : she who wears a garland
Phymean (f) khmer mansion, palace, villa, chateau, castle, stately residence
Phyrum (m) khmer harmony, accord, consensus, union, unanimity
Phyrun (m)
Phyruni (f)
khmer rain, drizzle, rainfall; rain god/goddess
Pidor (f) khmer fragrance, aroma, scent, bouquet
Pindara (m) sanskrit religious medicant, almsman
Pinith (m) khmer observe, take notice of, contemplate, review, study, examine, inspect, take a close look at
Pisei (f) khmer beloved, darling, treasured, cherished, favorite
Piseth (u) khmer special, particular, distinctive, specific, exceptional, extraordinary
  • Piseth Kanya (f) khmer, sanskrit piseth + kanya (maiden) : special maiden, extraordinary maiden, distinctive maiden
  • Piseth Kuma (m) khmer piseth + kuma (boy) : special boy, exceptional boy, distinctive boy
  • Piseth Neari (f) khmer piseth + neari (young lady) : special young lady, distinctive young woman
  • Piseth Pallika (f) khmer piseth + pallika (offering and sacrifice) : special offering, special sacrificing, special and noble act carried out for a particularly good cause
  • Piseth Soma (f) khmer, sanskrit piseth + soma (nectar of immortality) : special, one-of-a-kind nectar of immortality
Ponleu (f) khmer light, flash of light, ray of light
Ponleuk (f) khmer terrifying, appalling, startling, formidable
Ponnareay (u)
(also Ponnary)
khmer multi-colored, of many colors or shades, prismatic, spectral, having bright vivid colors
Ponnealei (m) khmer having a residence in the forest, establishing a residence in the forest
Ponnita (f) khmer woman, wife
Pothivong (m) khmer family of the enlightened
Prachoom (m) khmer assemble, come together, congregate
Prachoon (m) khmer age, duration, lifetime
Pradith (u) khmer make believe, imagine, fancy, dream, envision, fabricate, invent, visualize
Prakas (m) khmer declare, announce, broadcast, proclaim, state, affirm, avow
Pramook (m) khmer witness, testimony, attestation, pinnacle, zenith
Pranith (u) khmer with care, with love, with utmost attention, the best choice, the best prepared, the most preferred, the most favored
Prasad (m) khmer palace, castle, chateau, mansion
Prasithi (m) khmer the act of blessing, benediction, thanksgiving, glorification, sanctifiying
Prathap (m) khmer be seated, recline, situate, be positioned, occupy, dwell, sojourn
Prathna (m) khmer wish, desire, hope for, care for, pine for
Prayuth (m) khmer to fight against, struggle, encounter, endeavor, try hard, to do ones best
Premsrirath (f) khmer prem (pretty) + sri (girl) + rath (state) : beautiful girl of the nation
Priyamitt (m) khmer best friend, most valued friend, dear friend, close friend, bff
Priyapheap (m) khmer sincerity, ferventness, wholeheartedness, openness, trustworthiness
Puri (m) sanskrit holy city, city of the gods
  • Purissara (m) sanskrit, pali puri + issara (ruler, lord, king) : holy city of the lord, holy city of the god-king

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