Obbol (f) khmer water plant, water vegetation, water flora
  • Obbol Cheath (f) khmer obbol + cheath (life, essence) : water plant life
  • Obbol Vana (f) khmer, sanskrit obbol + vana (forest) : forest of water plants
  • Obbol Vari (f) khmer obbol + vari (water) : water plants in a lake or pond
Oddom (m)
(also Oudom)
khmer superior, supreme, highest, greatest, best, paramount, superlative, above all others
  • Oddom Cheath (u) khmer oddom + cheath (life) : highest birth, noble birth
  • Oddom Duong Chett (u) khmer oddom + duong chett (soul, spirit) : most beloved, one who is much loved
  • Oddom Kunthea (f) khmer oddom + kunthea (fragrance) : finest fragrance
  • Oddom Montrey (m) khmer oddom + montrey (statesman) : supreme statesman, highest statesman
  • Oddomsak (m) khmer oddom + sak (rank) : highest ranking
  • Oddom Srirath (f) khmer oddom + sri (girl) + rath (nation) : most beloved girl in the nation
  • Oddom Vichea (m) khmer oddom + vichea (knowledge) : supreme knowledge, highest education, superior instruction
  • Oddom Vongsa (m) khmer oddom + vongsa (family line) : revered family, virtuous family, beloved family
Oppama (m) khmer hypothetical, hypothetically, speculating
Ottey (u) khmer progression, elevation, ascension, advancement
  • Arunotey (u) khmer arun (sun) + ottey : sunrise, dawn, ascension of the sun
  • Sokhotey (u) khmer sokha (happiness) + otey : happiness that grows, joy that ascends, blissfulness that rises
  • Suryotey (u) sanskrit, khmer surya (sun) + otey : sunrise, dawn, ascension of the sun

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