Nanda (f)
Nandi (m)
sanskrit joyful, pleased, delighted, contented, blissful
Nara (m) sanskrit man, leader, self
  • Narendra (m) sanskrit nara + indra (chief) : chief of mankind, leader of men
  • Narendrapong (m) sanskrit, khmer nara + indra + pong (family line) : dynasty of mankind's rulers; Prince Narendrapong, one of King Sihanouk's sons
  • Naradipo (m) khmer Khmer variant of Nara; Prince Naradipo, one of King Sihanouk's sons
Natha (u) pali ruler, master, leader
Navina (f) sanskrit young, youthful
Neary (f)
(also Neari, Nari, Nary)
khmer young lady
(Neary may be transliterated in whichever form is most appealing, particularly when used in conjunction with a prefix or suffix, as demonstrated below)
  • Aryaneari (f) sanskrit, khmer arya (noble) + neari : noble young lady, young woman of noble birth
  • Devaneary (f) sanskrit, khmer deva (goddess) + neary : young goddess
  • Kalyaneari (f) sanskrit, khmer kalyani (beautiful) + neari : beautiful young woman
  • Kethneary (f) khmer keth (disciplined, dutiful) + neary : virtuous young woman, dutiful daughter
  • Kunthaneary (f) khmer kuntha (fragrance) + neary : sweet-scented young lady
  • Piseth Neary (f) khmer piseth (special) + neary : special and extraordinary young lady
  • Rathnari (f) khmer ratha (nation) + nari : the nation's young lady
  • Satyanari (f) sanskrit, khmer satya (truth) + nari : truthful young woman, she who keeps the truth
  • Somphoas Neary (f) khmer somphoas (beauty) + neary : the beauty of a woman, feminine beauty
  • Sophoan Neary (f) khmer sophoan (beautiful vibration) + neary : beautiful aura of a woman, she who exudes beautiful essence
  • Suranari (f) sanskrit, khmer sura (god) + nari : young goddess
  • Viraneary (f) khmer vira (heroic) + neary : heroic young woman, brave and courageous young woman
  • Yuvanary (f) khmer yuva (youth) + nary : youthful young lady
  • Nari Ratana (f) khmer neari + ratana (gem) : young lady who is precious as a gem, valuable qualities of a lady
  • Nearirath (f) khmer neari + ratha (state) : the nation's young lady
  • Neari Sophear (f) khmer neari + sophear (glamour, charm) : lovely young lady, a woman's grace and charm
  • Nari Voleak (f) khmer neari + voleak (virtue) : virtuous woman, a woman's good and admirablequalities
   + neari (f) khmer neari may be used in combination with many other independent names beyond the ones suggested above; some other examples include Bopha, Botum, Chan, Khemara, Sopheak, Sopheap, Vibol, Vichet, Vimol, Viseth; the list of possible combinations is limited only by your imagination
Neatha (f) khmer revered and beloved; master, chief, leader
  • Khemaneath (f) khmer khema (khmer) + neath : beloved and revered Khmer woman
  • Monineath (f) khmer moni (gem) + neath : beloved gem, precious gem; gem of a leader; Queen Monineath, King Sihanouk's most prominent wife
  • Neang Neath (f) khmer neang (daughter, young lady) + neath : beloved and revered daughter
  • Sirineath (f) khmer siri (honored) + neath : the honored and beloved, the revered and esteemed
  • Soneath (u) khmer so (greatly, very) + neath : one who is highly revered
  • Sumaneath (f) sanskrit, khmer suma (flower) + neath : beloved flower, precious flower
  • Surineath (f) sanskrit, khmer sura (god) + neath : beloved and revered goddess
  • Viraneath (u) pali, khmer vira (vitality, heroic) + neath : revered hero, one who is full of energy and strength
  • Yuvaneath (m) sanskrit, khmer yuva (youthful man) + neath : revered young man; Prince Yuvaneath, one of King Sihanouk's sons
Netra (m) sanskrit leader, guide; eye (literary term)
Nila (f) pali dark blue, bluish green, bluish black
  • Nilaratna (f) pali nila + ratna (gem, crystal, jewel) : blue-colored gem stone
Niradei (f) khmer a kind of tropical shrub that produces an abundance of white tuber-like flowers particularly fragrant at night
Nisitha (u) pali midnight
Nissay (u) khmer endowment, resource, reliance, attributes, properties, characteristics, powers, features
  • Nissay Bonna (m) khmer nissay + bonna (good deeds) : endowed with good deeds, one who has good karma
Nita (f) pali guided, preceded
Nitya (f) sanskrit eternal, infinite, timeless
Nora (m) khmer man; khmer version of the sanskrit Nara also meaning 'man'
  • Norabott (m) khmer nora + bott (son) : male child, son of men
  • Norachun (m) khmer nora + chun (populace) : male populace
  • Norodom (m) khmer nora + oudom (most acclaimed, greatest) : most acclaimed man, most eminent man, most extraordinary man, head of all mankind; name of 19th century Khmer king under whose rule Cambodia became a French protectorate
Norleaks (f) khmer virtues, righteousness, goodness, morality
Norphea (m) khmer sky, void, outerspace
  • Norphealey (m) khmer norphea + ley (vast) : spacious sky, great sky, enormous sky

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