Madhura (m)
Madhuri (f)
sanskrit honeyed, sweet, sugary
Makara (m) khmer January
Malika (f) sanskrit Jasmine
Malini (f) sanskrit wearing a jasmine garland
Malisse (f) khmer jasmine
Manavy (f) khmer maiden, young lady, demoiselle
Manivan (f) sanskrit possessing gems; Princess Manivan Phanivong of Laos, one of King Sihanouk's wives and mother to Princess Arunrasmi
Marakat (f) khmer emerald
Marici (f) sanskrit ray of light
Maya (f) sanskrit illusion, mirage, fantasy
Mayavin (m) sanskrit master of illusion
Mayuri (f) khmer peacock
Mealea (f) khmer garland, lei
  • Mealeavaddey (f) khmer, pali mealea + vaddey (place, abode) : place full of garlands, she who wears garlands
  • Mealeavikat (f) khmer mealea + vikati (different from the rest) : gardland of different colored flowers, garland of different kinds of flowers
  • Ratana Mealea (f) sanskrit, khmer ratana (gem, jewel) + mealea : garland of gem stones, gem-stone necklace
  • Sovan Mealea (f) khmer sovan (gold) + mealea : golden garland, gold necklace
Mealy (m) khmer one who wears a garland
Medhavin (m) sanskrit having mental power or wisdom
Medhira (m) sanskrit intelligent, wise, rational, sensible
Mina (u) khmer March
Mithona (u) khmer June
Mitra (m) sanskrit friend, companion
Moli (u)
(also Moly)
sanskrit diadem, crown
  • Molineath (f) sanskrit, khmer moli + neatha (leader) : the ruler's crown, leader who wears the crown
  • Molivan (m) sanskrit one who wears the crown
Moni (u)
(also Mony)
khmer Khmer variant of the Sanskrit word mani meaning precious stones (jewels, gems, pearls, crystals)
  • Monikessan (f) khmer moni + kessar (pollen) : pollen of the gem, gem dust, small particles of gem stone
  • Monineath (f) khmer moni + neatha (master) : jewelry belonging to or made for a leader, royal jewels
  • Moniraks (m) khmer moni + anuraks (caretaker) : caretaker/guardian of the jewels
  • Monirath (m)
  • Monireth (m)
khmer moni + ratana (precious stones) : precious jewelry, gemstones, pearl, crystals
  • Monipong (m)
  • Monivong (m)
khmer moni + pong/vong (family line) : family that possesses precious jewelry
Mongkol (m) khmer happiness, joyfulness, good spirits, bliss
Mongkot (m) khmer diadem, crown
Monti (m) khmer palace; large building, hall, edifice
Muni (u) sanskrit sage, scholar, philosopher, savant
  • Kessara Muni (f) sanskrit kessara (filaments in the lotus blossom) + muni : sage who is beautiful and dainty as lotus blossom filaments
  • Munindra (m) sanskrit muni + indra (chief) : chief of all sages, master of all savants, head of all scholars
  • Munissara (m) sanskrit, pali muni + issara (lord) : lord of all sages, leader of all scholars
  • Satyamuni (u) sanskrit satya (truth) + muni : honest sage, righteous sage, ethical sage
  • Sihamuni (m) khmer, sanskrit siha (lion, valiant) + muni : sage with the strength and valor of a lion; the current King of Cambodia, King Sihanouk's son
  • Vajira Muni (m) pali, sanskrit vajira (indestructible) + muni : indestructible sage, enduring sage, durable sage
Muntha (f) khmer sacred water and sacred chants reserved for performing holy ceremonies

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