Kalya (u) sanskrit healthy, physically fit, robust
Kalyana (m)
Kalyani (f)
sanskrit beautiful, blessed, fortunate
Kamalini (f) sanskrit day-lotus
Kambojini (f) sanskrit born or from Kambuja (cambodia)
Kambu (m) sanskrit the hermit Prince Kambu Svayambhuva from India who is the eponymous ancestor of the inhabitants of Kambujadesha (present-day Cambodia)
Kambuja (m) sanskrit Sanskrit name for ancient Cambodia
Kambumera (u) sanskrit kambu + mera : Prince Kambu of the solar race and local celestial nymph Mera of the lunar race, whose marriage union created the term "Khmer" and explains the origin of the Khmer people
Kanha (f) khmer month of September
Kanjara (f) sanskrit one of the names of the Creator Brahma
Kanavant (u) pali intelligent, clever, sharp, adept
Kanika (f) pali pericarp of a lotus blossom
Kanitha (f) pali beloved sister, revered sister, honorable sister
Kanya (f) sanskrit youngest; maiden; daughter
  • Kanyaketh (f) sanskrit, khmer kanya + keth (suffix denoting something precious, valuable, endearing) : endearing young maiden, beloved youngest daughter
  • Kanya Kumari (f) sanskrit kanya + kumari (daughter) : sacred maiden daughter
  • Kanyaratna (f) sanskrit kanya + ratna (jewel) : precious maiden
  • Kanyarith (f) sanskrit, khmer kanya + rith (power) : powerful, dynamic, vigorous maiden
Karuna (u) sanskrit compassion, tolerance, mercy, kindness, chivalry
Kasemsan (m) khmer harmonious, peaceful, tranquil, at peace
Kavi (m) sanskrit poet, lyricist, versemaker
Kennary (f) khmer heavenly maiden, celestial maiden who is forever young and beautiful
Keo (u) khmer superior, extraordinary, precious, exquisite, delicate, special, uncommon
  • Keocharanai (f) khmer keo + charanai (crystal) : precious crystal, rare crystal, superior crystal
  • Keokanitha (f) khmer, pali keo + kanitha (sister) : precious sister, endearing sister, extraordinary sister
  • Keomalika (f) khmer, sanskrit keo + malika (jasmine) : delicate jasmine, exquisite jasmine
  • Keomarakot (f) khmer keo + emerald (emerald) : precious emerald, exquisite emerald, rare emerald
  • Keomoni () khmer, sanskrit keo + moni (gem, jewel) : precious gem, exquisite gem, rare gem
  • Keophallik (f) khmer keo + phallik (white crystal) : precious white crystal, delicate white crystal
  • Keopisei (f) khmer keo + pisei (little darling) : precious darling, special little child
  • Keovolarks (f) khmer keo + volarks (virtuous) : extremely virtuous, finely immaculate, highly scrupulous
Kesa (f) khmer head
Kesei (f)
Kesni (f)
khmer hair
Kessara (f) pali flower filaments, fuzzy part of the lotus blossom
Ket (u) khmer 'Ket" is usually used as a prefix to accentuate a name, make a name more exotic and special, add more weight to the meaning of the word, or simply to produce a conducive sound effect
  • Ketbuppha (f) khmer beautiful flower, daity flower, exquisite flower
  • Ketkanya (f) khmer, sanskrit beloved maiden, special maiden
  • Ketkesei (f) khmer beautiful hair, lovely hair
  • Ketmealea (f) khmer impressive garland, spectacular garland
  • Ketmoni (f) khmer, sanskrit rare gem, exquisite gem
  • Ketneari (f) khmer lovely young lady, virtuous girl
  • Ketrathna (f) khmer beloved country, esteemed nation
  • Ketvisitha (f)
  • Ketvisitho (m)
khmer, pali more prominent, more impressive, more esteemed, superior
Khema (f) khmer of or belonging to the Khmer race
  • Khemanuraks (m) khmer khema + anuraks (one who keeps law and order) : a Khmer who keeps law and order, a Khmer who governs; Prince Khemanuraks was one of King Sihanouk's sons
Khemara (m) khmer of or belonging to the Khmer race
  • Khemarabot (m) khmer khemara + bot (son) : Khmer son
  • Khemarac (m) khmer variant of Khemara; of or belonging to the Khmer race
  • Khemaracheat (m) khmer khemara + cheat (birth, race, nationality) : Khmer ethnicity, Khmer race, Khmer nationality
  • Khemarath (m) khmer variant of Khemara; of or belonging to the Khmer race
  • Khemarin (m) khmer variant of Khemara; of or belonging to the Khmer race
  • Khemarith (m) khmer variant of Khemara; of or belonging to the Khmer race
Khemin (m) pali one who enjoys peace and tranquility
Khettiya (u)
(also Khettya)
khmer royalty, monarchy, kingship, sovereignty
  • Khettyavong (m) khmer khettya + vong (dynasty) : royal family, royal house, royal line
Kiri (m) khmer mountain
  • Kirimarakat (f) khmer kiri + marakat (emerald) : emerald mountain
  • Kirirath (m) khmer kiri + ratana (gem) : gem-stone mountain
  • Kirivong (m) khmer kiri + vong (family) : mountain ranges, string of mountains; name of a district in Takeo province of Southern Cambodia
Kirin (m) sanskrit praiser, glorifier, applauder
Kisora (m)
Kisori (f)
sanskrit youthful
Kittik (f) khmer praise, exaltation, glorification, honor, homage, celebrity, prestige
  • Kittikoon (f) khmer kittik + koon (deed) : famous because of good deeds, one whose is glorified because of virtuous accomplishments
  • Kittya (u) khmer kittik + anupheap (grandeur) : from the word kittyanupheap meaning magnificence of splender, luxury of fame, nobility of honor, majesty of dignity
Kol (u) khmer Kol is a name prefix meaning exquisite, superior, virtuous
  • Kolbot (m) khmer kol + bot (son) : virtuous son, good son, righteous son
  • Kolneary (f) khmer kol + neary (young lady) : virtuous young lady, good and worthy girl
  • Kolthida (f) khmer kol + thida (daughter) : virtuous daughter, good daughter, righteous daughter
  • Kolvaddi (f) khmer, pali kol + vaddi (place) : sacred place, place of worship; one who is full of virtues
Kolab (f) khmer rose
Kravanh (m) khmer cardamom; an important national landmark of cardamom mountain ranges lies in Western Cambodia
  • Sakeal Kravanh (m) khmer sakeal (full-grown) + kravanh : fully-matured cardamom fruit
Krishna (m) sanskrit the Hindu god Krishna; Krishna is well known for his dark complexion, his nature of truth and bliss, and his removal of sins and other defects from his followers
  • Krishnan (m) khmer khmer variant of Krishna
Kumara (m) sanskrit young boy
Kumari (f) sanskrit young girl
Kundara (f) sanskrit one who presents a reward of jasmine flowers
Kunthea (f) khmer fragrance, aroma, bouquet
  • Kuntheary (f) khmer variant of Kunthea
  • Kuntheabuppha (f) khmer kunthea + buppha (flower) : Princess Kuntheabuppha, a daughter of King Sihanouk who died at the tender age of 4
  • Kuntheamealea (f) khmer kunthea + mealea (garland) : garland of sweet-frangranced flower
  • Kuntheaneary (f) khmer kunthea + neary (young lady) : fragrant young lady
  • Kuntheapidor (f) khmer kunthea + pidor (fragrance) : doubly sweet fragrance, exquisitely sweet aroma
Kusuma (f) sanskrit flower-like, blossom-like

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