Indira (f) sanskrit beautiful, splendid, magnificent, dazzling, graceful, elegant
Indra (m) sanskrit powerful, almighty, omnipotent; lord, chief; in the Hindu religion, Indra is the strongest of all beings, ruler of the gods, and the god of war, thunder and storms
  • Indrabott (m) sanskrit, khmer indra + bott (son) : son of Indra, son of the almighty; most powerful and acclaimed son
  • Indradevi (f) sanskrit indra + devi (goddess) : goddess queen, queen of the gods; name of a Khmer queen during the Angkorian era renown for her bright intellect
  • Indravuth (m) sanskrit, khmer indra + avuth (weapon) : weapon of Indra (thunderbolt)
  • Indrayuth (m) sanskrit, khmer indra + yuthi (battle) : battle of Indra, Indra's combat
Indrani (f) sanskrit wife of Indra
Ira (m) sanskrit Earth
Iresa (m) sanskrit lord of the Earth
Irya (m) sanskrit powerful, energetic, vigorous, dynamic
Issara (m) pali lord, ruler, master, chief
  • Issarabott (m) pali, khmer issara + bott (son) : son of a ruler
  • Issaramuni (m) pali, sanskrit issara + muni (sage) : ruler of sages; sage whose knowledge surpasses all other sages; revered sage
  • Issarapong (m) pali, khmer issara + pong (family line) : ruling dynasty, family who rules
  • Issaravong (m) pali, khmer issara + vong (family line) : ruling dynasty, family who rules
  • Issarayos (m) pali, khmer issara + yos (rank, grandeur, honor) : a ruler's stateliness, dignity, grandeur
Issarak (m) khmer supreme; dignified; free, independent, self-ruled; Khmer variant of Issara
Ittara (m) pali temporary, brief, momentary, passing, transitory
Ittipul (m) khmer strength, power, might, vitality
Ittiridth (m) khmer powerfulness, mightiness, greatness, formidability

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