Hara (m) sanskrit ravishing, enchanting, alluring, fascinating, charming
Haratey (f) khmer heart; feeling; will, desire; cognition, insight
Hari (m) sanskrit the remover (of sin)
Harini (f) sanskrit golden, bright, gleaming, dazzling, shining, brilliant
Hassa (m) khmer laughter, enjoyment, delight, fun
  • Hassadi (m) khmer variant of Hassa
  • Hassani (f) khmer variant of Hassa
Hatha (m) khmer arm, hand; elephant's trunk; lock of hair
  • Hathani (f) khmer variant of Hatha
  • Hathanimith (m) khmer hatha + nimith (god-given, god-endowed) : one who is endowed with god-given hand dexterity or talents
  • Hathapool (m) khmer hatha + pool (physical stength) : arm strength; one who is physically strong
Hima (f) sanskrit snow, morning dew
  • Himalay (f) sanskrit hima + alaya (abode) : abode of snow (Himalayas)
  • Himavaddi (f) sanskrit, pali hima + vaddi (abode) : place full of snow (another name for the Himalayas)
  • Himavan (m) sanskrit having snow, snowy, snow-capped

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