Chakra (m) sanskrit the wheel of samsara (cycle of reincarnation), wheel of transmigration, the cosmos, the universe
  • Chakrapong (m) sanskrit, khmer chakra + pong (family line) : family who bears the wheel of samsara, ruler of the universe; name of a Cambodian prince (one of King Sihanouk's sons)
  • Chakravartin (m) sanskrit, pali chakra + vartin (holder of a doctrine, professing the truth) : holder of the samsara wheel, universal ruler; a name destined for the Buddha before he began his quest for supreme enlightenment; also a name adopted by King Jayavarman II, 9th century founder of the Khmer Empire
  • Chakravibol (m) sanskrit, khmer chakra + vibol (prodigious, vivacious, exhilaration) : cosmic exuberance; a title usually given to the nation's top military personnel in Cambodia's Angkorean period
  • Chakravuth (m) sanskrit, khmer chakra + vuth (strength, growth, progress) : cosmic strength, cosmic growth, cosmic progress
  • Chakrayuth (m) sanskrit, khmer chakra + yuth (struggle) : cosmic encounter, cosmic challenge, cosmic task
Champei (f) khmer plumeria
Chamroeun (u) khmer to enrich, to increase wealth and prosperity
Chan (m) khmer moon, the moon god; Monday
  • Chanchhaya (m) khmer chan + chhaya (silhouette) : silhouette of the moon, the moon's shadow
  • Chandara (f) khmer chan + dara (star) : moon and stars
  • Chankiti (f) khmer chan + kiti (path, nature's law) : lunar calendar, lunar orbit
  • Chanleakhena (f) khmer chan + leakhena (virtuous) : virtuous one born on Monday
  • Channary (f) khmer chan + nary (lady) : lady born on Monday, lady of the moon
Chandra (f) sanskrit the shining moon
  • Chantra (f) khmer Khmer variant of Chandra
  • Chandradevi (f) sanskrit chandra + devi (goddess) : moon goddess
  • Chandramoli (f) sanskrit chandra + moli (regalia, crown) : one who wears the moon-shaped crown
  • Chandramuni (f) sanskrit chandra + muni (gem) : moon gem
  • Chandraratna (u) sanskrit chandra + ratna (pearl, gem) : moon pearl, moon gem
  • Chandrasara (u) sanskrit chandra + sara (essence) : essence of the moon
  • Chandravimala (f) sanskrit chandra + vimala (impeccable, immaculate) : perfect as the moon
Chantara (f) khmer chan + tara (star) : moon and stars
  • Chantarabot (m) khmer chantara + bot (son) : son of the moon
  • Chantarangsi (u) khmer chantara + rangsi (brilliance, radiance) : the moon's brilliance/radiance
  • Chantaravong (m) khmer Chantara + vong (family line, dynasty) : descendents of the moon, lunar dynasty
Chankresna (m) khmer name of a tree species renown for its qualities of aromatic fragrance, remarkably heavy density, and pharmaceutical effects, grown in the sub-tropical rain forests of Cambodia
Chanthou (f) khmer an aromatic flowering plant that grows in Cambodia
Chanthy (f) khmer cashew-apple
Chantrea (f) khmer Khmer variant of Chandra
  • Chantrea Rasmey (f) khmer chantrea + rasmey (rays of light) : moonlight, moon radiance
  • Chantrea Vaddey (f) khmer chantrea + vaddey (place) : the moon's position, the moon's orbit
Charanai (f)
(also spelled Joranai)
khmer exquisite, superb, best quality; polished jewel
Charya (f)
(also spelled Chakriya)
khmer conduct, demeanor, morals, ethics, principles (usually denotes good conduct, demeanor, etc.)
Chenda (f) khmer thought, thinking; idea; reason; the self, the mind, the psyche, the spirit, the intellect
  • Munichenda (f) sanskrit, khmer muni (sage) + chenda : penetrating mind, sagacious, ingenious, sharp-witted
  • Rasmichenda (u) khmer rasmi (illumination) + chenda : spiritually enlightened, radiant/illuminated mind, intellectually bright
  • Sirichenda (f) khmer siri (exalted) + chenda : illustrious, prominent, revered intellect, exalted mind
Chea (u) khmer healthy, well-being
Chetha (m) khmer older, wiser, grander sibling; royal, prominent brother
Chettana (m) khmer free will, volition, intention, preference, inclination, desire
Chhavi (f) pali complexion, skin tone
  • Chhavivan (f) khmer Khmer variant of Chhavi
  • Chhavi Kalyani (f) pali, sanskrit chhavi + kalyani (beautiful) : beautiful complexion; one who has beautiful skin
  • Chhavi Kuntheary (f) pali, khmer chhavi + kuntheary (fragrance) : fragrant skin; one who is aromatic
  • Chhavi Rathany (f) pali, khmer chhavi + rathany (major city) : the city's beauty; the fairest of all in the city
  • Chhavi Suvanna (f) pali chhavi + suvanna (golden) : golden complexion; one who has golden skin
Chhoukrath (f) khmer sunflower
Chiva (m)
Chivoan (m)
khmer life, life force, life energy
  • Chivoan Monirak (m) khmer chivoan + moni (gem) + anurak (guardian) : one who possesses vigor and wealth; guardian of life and riches
Chompoo (m) khmer a kind of tropical fruit tree that grows in Cambodia and has white, red or pink fruit
Chuta (m) khmer fame, renown, greatness, eminence, glory, esteem, high regard
  • Chutamuni (f) khmer, sanskrit chuta + muni (savant) : famed scholar, esteemed sage, great savant, renown philosopher
  • Chutaveasna (m) khmer chuta + veasna (destiny) : illustrious destiny, destined for greatness
  • Chutavongsa (m) khmer chuta + vongsa (dynasty) : renown dynasty, esteemed family

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