Ba (m) khmer son, male child, young boy
(Ba is rarely used alone; other favorite Cambodian suffixes are usually added to create a conducive sound effect and to make the name more interesting, as seen below)
  • Bana (m) khmer variant of Ba
  • Banal (m) khmer variant of Ba
  • Banette (m) khmer variant of Ba
  • Banong (m) khmer variant of Ba
Balin (m) pali strong, mighty, powerful, impressive, firm, resolute
Banak (m) khmer the physical body, the human form
Bannaka (m) khmer offering, gift, endowment, presentation, bestowal, present
Barami (m) khmer good deed, good conduct, good karma, good virtues
Baroma (m) khmer remarkably, extremely, supremely
Barong (m) khmer famous son, renown son, memorable son, legendary son
Baroni (f) khmer famous daughter, renown daughter, memorable daughter, legendary daughter
Bhavana (u) sanskrit concentration, focus
Bona (m)
(also spelled Bonna)
khmer good deed, good action, good intention
Bopha (f)
(also Boppha, Buppha)
khmer flower, blossom
  • Bophacheat (f) khmer bopha + cheat (essence) : flower essence
  • Bophadevi (f) khmer, sanskrit bopha + devi (goddess) : flower goddess; Princess Bophadevi was one of King Sihanouk's daughter, renown as a lead Apsara dancer in the Royal Cambodian Ballet
  • Bopharath (f) khmer bopha + ratana (precious stone) : precious flower, dazzling flower, rare flower
  • Bophatip (f) khmer bopha + tip (magical, heavenly, marvelous) : magical flower, heavenly flower, flower of the gods
Bora (m) khmer vigorous, robust, healthy, energetic, dynamic
(as with Ba, Cambodians like to add suffixes to Bora for the sound effect or as a name combination)
  • Boramy (f) khmer variant of Bora; ramy could be a derivation of rama meaning "blissful, delightful"
  • Borany (f) khmer variant of Bora; rany means "queen"
  • Borasy (f) khmer variant of Bora; rasy means "content"
  • Boravy (f) khmer variant of Bora; ravy means "one who absorbs"
Boran (u) khmer traditional, conservative, classical
Bori (u) khmer main populated center, metropolis, province, country
  • Borei (m) khmer variant of Bori
  • Borindra (f) khmer, sanskrit bori + indra (lord) : lord of the land, ruler of the metropolis, chief of the province
  • Borin (u) khmer, sanskrit variant of Borindra
  • Borina (f) khmer, sanskrit variant of Borindra
  • Boriraks (u) khmer bori + raksa (safekeeping) : guardian of the city, protector of the province
  • Boriram (m) khmer bori + aram (attractive to the senses, enjoyable) : delightful place, enchanted country
Borom (u) khmer outstanding, prominent, superb, splendid
  • Boromneat (f) khmer borom + neatha (ruler) : great protector, prominent ruler, outstanding leader
  • Boromraja (m) khmer, sanskrit borom + raja (king) : highly esteemed king, great king
  • Boromsokha (u) khmer borom + sokha (happiness) : heavenly blissful, utopia
Botum (f) khmer lotus
  • Botumbopha (f) khmer botum + bopha (blossom) : lotus blossom; Princess Botumbopha was one of King Sihanouk's daughters
  • Botumcheat (f) khmer botum + cheat (essence) : lotus essence
  • Botumkesar (f) khmer botum + kesar (pollen) : lotus pollen
  • Botummealea (f) khmer botum + mealea (garland) : garland of lotus blossoms
  • Botumphalla (f) khmer botum + phalla (crop, harvest) : lotus harvest, lotus fruit
  • Botumrath (f) khmer botum + ratana (gem, jewel) : precious lotus, exquisite lotus
  • Botumsreyrath (f) khmer botum + srey (woman) + ratana : she who is as beautiful as the lotus blossom and as exquisite as gemstone
  • Botumvaddi (f) khmer, pali botum + vaddi (abode, residence) : lotus pond, place where lotus grow
Bussba (f) pali blossom, flower

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