Once there were three men who traveled together across a forest to another town. When nightfall came, they found a small man-made bamboo refuge set up by previous weary travelers for a short rest or to spend the night. The men decided it was a good spot for them to rest until daybreak when they would start traveling again.

The night was cold and the insects and owls were in full blast making their individual sounds which were not always very welcoming and soothing to the ears. The owls' constant and non-stop hooting could become quite unnerving.

Each of the men wanted to sleep in the middle between his two companions. Since there were three of them and each wanted to be in the middle spot, they could not find a solution. The three men were not satisfied with their discussion and inability to solve this puzzle. They tried to pass the cold, dark night the best way they knew how until daybreak came and they resumed the long walk again.

They walked and walked until they approached a village and came across Suphea Rabbit who was sitting on a tree stump nearby the road eating a half-peeled banana. The men were still wondering how they could solve their puzzle since they would for sure encounter the same situation again, so they stopped and spoke to Rabbit.

"Brother Suphea, you always help clear matters. This time can you show how the three of us can each sleep in the middle of the other two?"

Rabbit looked at them and said: "Do you have bananas for me?"

The men gave him bananas and waited for the wise and smart rabbit's solution.

After finishing his bananas, Suphea Rabbit spoke: "All three of you should sleep with your heads inward toward each other and your feet pointing outward in a cirlce. That way each will be between the other two."

The men thought this suggestion was good and just. They were satisfied with Rabbit's recommendation and continued the journey.

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