One hot summer day, in late afternoon, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing moonsoon clouds over the forest. Suphea Rabbit felt sleepy so he rested on a freshy cut tree stump with sap still oozing out. He fell asleep as the warm breezes rushed by him. When he woke up, he could not move and could not get off the stump. The sap had warmed up and became sticky glue which glued Rabbit's backside to the tree stump.

In front of Suphea Rabbit was a big pond with water lilies, water spinach and other water plants. He saw two baby elephants busy drinking fresh water from the pond and spraying water on themselves.

Suphea Rabbit yelled to the baby elephants: "Hey, you little brats! How dare you drink my water. You cannot drink this water without my permission."

The elephants replied: "We drink this water every day. Why do you say it belongs to you?"

Rabbit responded: "God Indra just gave me instructions to look after his pond. From now on you cannot drink here anymore!"

The elephants got upset and angrily threatened: "We are going to bring our mother to see you. You better be careful of what you say because our mother is going to be furious."

Rabbit retorted: "Yes, I want to see your mother. She cannot drink this water either."

The elephants were very angry and off they went to bring their mother who also became angry over what the babies had told her.

Elephant went directly to Suphea Rabbit and said: "How dare you stop me and my babies from drinking this water? Who are you? I am going to kill you!" And then the mother elephant wrapped her trunk around Rabbit and pulled him full force out of the sap glue and threw him to the ground. Once he reached the ground, Rabbit sprang up and fled into the thick trees of the jungle away from the angry elephants.

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