One day Suphea Rabbit saw an old woman carrying on her head a basket full of ripe bananas which she sold from village to village and from house to house. The woman yelled out, "Ripe bananas for sale, ripe bananas for sale!" as she went along each street.

Suphea Rabbit heard and spotted the woman a few hundred meters ahead and suddenly he had a craving for ripe bananas. He waited by the side of the road and when he saw the woman approach within a few meters of him, he rolled over and played dead in front of her.

The woman was surprised to see a dead rabbit in the street. She said to herself, "My, my, what a lucky day. Today I will have rabbit soup for dinner." Then, without a second thought, she tossed the stiff rabbit into her banana basket on top of her head, just as Suphea Rabbit had expected her to do.

Suphea Rabbit got his wish come true. He sat up and, without delay, treated himself to one banana after another.

About fifteen minutes later, a villager called to the banana seller, "Grandma, please stop. I want to buy your banana!" Once he heard the buyer call the woman to stop, Suphea Rabbit jumped off her basket and ran straight into the nearby woods.

The woman, caught by surprise, almost spilled her bananas to the ground seeing a supposedly dead rabbit jump from the basket on top of her head! She said, "My, my, I have been cheated by that mischievous rabbit. I should not have wished for that rabbit soup."

And her bananas were half gone!

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