Suphea Rabbit is a popular character found in many Khmer fables. Although "suphea" is a revered term that means judge, magistrate, or sage, Rabbit's words and actions would more aptly be described as witty and wily rather than wise. Rabbit is a trickster and thief who uses his famed intelligence to get himself and others in and out of trouble. His complete lack of moral scruples leads him to cause quite a bit of mischief, and he gladly lies, steals, or cheats to get the results he wants. Still, by virtue of his reputation for being smart, other animals and even people often turn to Rabbit for help to resolve a dispute or for advice to get out of a bind. Although more rascal than righteous, Suphea Rabbit's cleverness is undeniable as his ruses and schemes usually manage to work out just as planned. In many ways, he is the Cambodian equivalent of an American cartoon bunny beloved by television viewers everywhere. Of course, tales of Suphea Rabbit's wit and wiliness have been told for centuries, long before pencil was ever put to paper in creation of that other rascally rabbit.

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