5.  Tale of Field Water Buffalo and Forest Water Buffalo

In the distant past, there were two water buffalos: one was a field water buffalo, the other a forest water buffalo. These two animals loved each other dearly, sleeping and eating in each other's company without fail. Rabbit knew that these two water buffalos loved each other in such a way and devised a scheme to make them fall into disfavor with one another.
      One day Rabbit sought out these two water buffalos and spoke to them saying: "Neh! Brother Water Buffalos, both of you, do not walk and eat together. Be careful that people of the village will see and capture you both and put you to work for them." The water buffalos hearing Rabbit speak thusly became fearful that they should really meet the tragedy described by his words. From that day forward, the two water buffalos would eat apart from each other; but, in being apart, both animals thought about and missed each other dearly since they had kept one another company for so many years.
      After a long while, however, both water buffalos began to no longer think about or miss the other. Rabbit, knowing that the two water buffalos were separate and no longer longed for or remembered one another, went to the forest water buffalo and said, "Neh, Forest Water Buffalo! I have heard another water buffalo say that he is extremely strong and powerful.  He wants to compete in a test of strength." Forest Water Buffalo became very angry saying, "Yuh! Brother Rabbit, under the sky on this earth there is only I who am strongest. Now, where is this water buffalo who recklessly brags that he is stronger and more powerful than me. Brother, go beckon him to come here so that we may engage in a test of strength." Rabbit then went to tell the field water buffalo, "Neh, Brother Field Water Buffalo! Forest Water Buffalo is very angry with you. He says to bring you to him so that you may compete in a test of strength to determine who is mightier." Rabbit climbed onto Field Water Buffalo's back and took him to meet Forest Water Buffalo.
      As soon as they reached the destination, Forest Water Buffalo ferociously lunged at Field Water Buffalo. Both water buffalos battled each other for an extremely long time, neither winning nor losing. Finally, they both gave up and parted ways: one remained in the field, the other retired to the forest, never to meet each other again to this day.

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